Text Neck

‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine

Our bodies are paying a price for the daily convenience of using our smart phones. This article rang so true to me because I am seeing this problem on a daily basis with my personal clients. Over the past couple of years there seems to be more people complaining of neck pain, where it used to be mainly complaints about back pain. They are even giving this issue its own name “tech neck.” Making matters worse, neck pain can easily lead to back pain. The truth of the matter is people are not going to stop using their smart phones, so what can be done about it? When our heads begin to move forward in front of our spine it gets harder for us to hold our heads up correctly.

We are basically making our back muscles, specifically our erector spinae muscles, very weak. You could compare them to a weak and old rubber band. We need to strengthen our back muscles to make them similar to a brand new rubber band, strong enough to be able to hold our spines up correctly. The second thing which has to happen is you must stretch the front of the body, specifically the pectorals minor muscle. This stretch can be done by performing the “door jam” stretch daily. I demonstrate both the back strengthening muscles and pec stretch in one of my videos on Namastream, my online page. Enjoy the read!

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