Pilates For Back Pain

Pilates Effective For Back Pain Relief

Great read on how Pilates is a great way to deal with back pain.

If you experience chronic pain in your lower back (your lumbar area), then you know how much this can affect your quality of life. For example, everyday activities like mowing the grass or carrying groceries from the car to the house can make you wince in pain. Additionally, fun activities that you used to enjoy, such as playing sports, tending to your flowers or garden, and chasing after your children or grandchildren become distant memories as you avoid these types of actions in an attempt to appease your lower back area. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common.

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Doterra Essential Oils

Why I Use Essential Oils

I have always been interested in DIY projects, even as a young child.  I loved the creative challenge to try new things and I always thought something was better if you could make it rather than buy it. That instinct turned me on to a love of gardening.  It just made perfect sense to me that if I could grow vegetables and herbs myself, wouldn’t that be better than buying them form somewhere else.  That love and creativity for growing my own food turned into wanting to make my own goods as well. I made my own soaps, candles, lip gloss, slaves, and creams. I had bought oils before, but always wondered what exactly was in them and where did they come from.

Once I discovered Doterra oils and realized they were one of the only certified therapeutic grad oil companies around it was a pretty easy decision for me to buy all my oils through them.  I love being able to use oils to continue my to create my own recipes for food, beauty products, cleaning products, emotional healing and more.  I strongly believe that if we can use the purest ingredients in most of our daily products we use then we are creating a safer environment for ourselves and families.  Plus it can be so much fun making your own products and sharing them with your loved ones.  You can click the link below to take you to my doterra website for lots of good information on oils, recipes, and to purchase oils.

Harmonious Body Doterra


Why Take a Private Yoga Lesson?

Why Take a Private Yoga Lesson?

How private yoga lessons can improve your yoga class experience.

With the increasingly popularity of yoga in the past several years has unfortunately also come the increase in injuries.  With all the good that yoga has to offer, sometimes a large group class may not be the right place to begin your yoga practice.  In the studio where I teach private Pilates lessons we require people to take at least four private lessons before they join a group Pilates class.  This way each person can learn the correct techniques quicker and also adapt modifications for their body.  All bodies are not alike!!!  One cue may work for some people and not for others.  This is true for a group yoga class as well.  A few private yoga lessons before you begin or even after you have started a yoga practice can go a long way in increasing the benefits you will get from a group class.

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Weak Neck Muscles

Are Your Weak Neck Muscles Making Your Hamstrings Tight?

This is an excellent article about how the body compensates for weak muscles, it cheats and take it from somewhere else! Emphasizing the point that we must strengthen our neck muscles even more today then ever before before our necks spend more time being forward then ever before!

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Text Neck

‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine

Our bodies are paying a price for the daily convenience of using our smart phones. This article rang so true to me because I am seeing this problem on a daily basis with my personal clients. Over the past couple of years there seems to be more people complaining of neck pain, where it used to be mainly complaints about back pain. They are even giving this issue its own name “tech neck.” Making matters worse, neck pain can easily lead to back pain. The truth of the matter is people are not going to stop using their smart phones, so what can be done about it? When our heads begin to move forward in front of our spine it gets harder for us to hold our heads up correctly.

We are basically making our back muscles, specifically our erector spinae muscles, very weak. You could compare them to a weak and old rubber band. We need to strengthen our back muscles to make them similar to a brand new rubber band, strong enough to be able to hold our spines up correctly. The second thing which has to happen is you must stretch the front of the body, specifically the pectorals minor muscle. This stretch can be done by performing the “door jam” stretch daily. I demonstrate both the back strengthening muscles and pec stretch in one of my videos on Namastream, my online page. Enjoy the read!

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