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Pilates Effective For Back Pain Relief

Great read on how Pilates is a great way to deal with back pain. If you experience chronic pain in your lower back (your lumbar area), then you know how much this can affect your quality of life. For example, everyday activities like mowing the grass or carrying groceries from the car to the house […]

Why I Use Essential Oils

I have always been interested in DIY projects, even as a young child.  I loved the creative challenge to try new things and I always thought something was better if you could make it rather than buy it. That instinct turned me on to a love of gardening.  It just made perfect sense to me […]

Why Take a Private Yoga Lesson?

How private yoga lessons can improve your yoga class experience. With the increasingly popularity of yoga in the past several years has unfortunately also come the increase in injuries.  With all the good that yoga has to offer, sometimes a large group class may not be the right place to begin your yoga practice.  In […]

Are Your Weak Neck Muscles Making Your Hamstrings Tight?

This is an excellent article about how the body compensates for weak muscles, it cheats and take it from somewhere else! Emphasizing the point that we must strengthen our neck muscles even more today then ever before before our necks spend more time being forward then ever before!