He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.

– Marcus Aurelius

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I am committed to helping you achieve optimal physical fitness through whole body training for maximum holistic results. I specialize in teaching Pilates, Yoga, and Dance Conditioning, all effective and proven techniques which work together in harmony to create a balanced body. My greatest desire is to educate and assist others in executing movements with greater strength and ease, helping traverse through life with more grace and comfort.

I offer private trainings in my home studio and host a virtual studio, comprised of an array of videos you can access at anytime. Teaching is my passion and I am thrilled to share my knowledge and experience with you, helping to guide you on your path to a vibrant and well balanced life.   – Gina Frabotta

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Pilates For Back Pain

Pilates Effective For Back Pain Relief

Great read on how Pilates is a great way to deal with back pain. If you experience chronic pain in your lower back (your lumbar area), then you know how much this can affect your quality of life. For example, everyday activities like mowing the grass or carrying groceries from the car to the house […]


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Gina Frabotta’s private sessions or her group classes are always full which speaks volumes for her extraordinary talent and inspirational teaching style. I am a very flexible person and Gina has worked with me for years on how to use my muscles properly to protect my knees and joints. Gina is extremely patient with me and my 50+ years of sloppy habits. She is knowledgeable, caring and makes me feel good about myself and what I accomplish.

Because of Gina I am more aware of my body, how it works and how Pilates have become a part of my daily life. I feel privileged that I am able to work with Gina and she continues to work with me.


I have had the pleasure of having Gina as my Pilates instructor for more than 9 years. She is an outstanding teacher who balances concern for her client’s well being with persistent dedication to improving her core strength with grace and ease. She is patient, conscientious, encouraging and empowering! I have been able to make great strides in improving my body’s alignment, flexibility and muscle tone, all under the expert tutelage of Gina. I would highly recommend her to anyone, beginner to advanced, who wants to add Pilates to his or her fitness routine.

Nancy B.

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to work with Gina. Gina is an outstanding teacher with exceptionally keen observation skills. She has worked carefully and compassionately with me to gain strength while I rehabilitate from an injury. Gina is able to offer me the perfect level of challenge with an ability to keep me focused on the key points in any exercise. I continue to feel more at home in my body and better able to move with comfort, ease and strength from my work with Gina. Gina has an eye for detail that helps me to move away from habitual patterns in my body and better understand the biomechanics of my body. I look forward to my sessions with Gina because I learn so much every single time. I am very happy with the steady progress that I am making with Gina’s guidance and encouragement. Working with Gina is enlightening, inspiring and a lot of fun. Gina is a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher that I would recommend to anyone interested in gaining strength, flexibility and ease in their body.

Clare B.

“When I started working with Gina, I was in a large amount of pain. She was incredibly knowledgeable as well as gentle in her disposition, and she immediately gave me the confidence that my condition was going to improve with her help. Through her methodical approach, Gina educated me on the importance of creating length not only in your spine but in the many muscles of your body. By making me aware of the inter-connectedness within my body as well as the importance of length, I was able to, over time, alleviate the pressure that was being put on my lower lumbar disc.”


Without Gina I would not be able to achieve my goal to have a healthy active life. I am still amazed after 8 years that I continue to understand how I can improve my range of motion and strength. 
I took up marathon running 5 years ago. After 80+ marathons I am pain free and walk tall. Gina has taught me how to take of my hamstring and psoas muscles.
Gina is direct, clear and committed to providing the best instructions possible. Gina is also patient and understanding which is very much appreciated. Working with Gina has been a good match for me.

Craig K.

I have been taking Pilates from Gina Frabotta for ten years, and I can say with certainty that there is no one more knowledgeable and tenured. She personalizes classes for individual needs and rehabilitation.
Gina always starts each class with personal inventory, which helps you focus on your goals for the class. Whether it is a mat, reformer, or core align, Gina’s approach is unique. Her attentiveness and natural skills help you leave each workout feeling empowered and more in tune with you body.

Debbie M.

I look forward to my Pilates sessions with Gina, she is a skilled and knowledgeable instructor. How I feel after each session can account for her knowledge and skill. I feel taller, stronger, and relieved of any pain I’m experiencing. She has a great knowledge of the body, and is fun to work with. She changes up the routine to meet the needs of my body. Being a mom of three young ones, with all the lifting and stress my body goes through, Pilates is a must for a pain free week. I’ve suffered with back pain, and the work she creates for me keeps me stronger than I’ve ever been. My sessions are a highlight of my week, and Gina makes that possible.

Kelly P.

It has been my privilege to study Pilates with Gina for more than ten years. She is a uniquely passionate and gifted instructor whose professional knowledge and ability to motivate are unparalleled. She maintains high standards which result in her students’ mastery of proper technique and their steady overall progress. Gina is a listener and a collaborator and actively partners with her students to address individual needs. Her holistic approach to Pilates instruction truly engages mind, body and spirit, facilitating a beautifully balanced experience.

Laura K.

The highlight of my week is Water Pilates with Gina. I first found the pool after an injury and immediately found joy and recovery with the assistance of Gina. Gina’s cross training Pilates and Yoga Training gave her an edge in the water. Her knowledge builds body awareness and strength in her clients as well as sense of well being.

Pam R.